Why Does My Hip Hurt When I Walk?

By Lisa Zelenka – Physiotherapist

Hip pain is a very common complaint we see daily at Cremorne Physio. It has the potential to affect your activities of daily living and exercise routine. 

Hip pain can be divided up by location and timing of symptoms. The location of your pain is critical to determine which structures are being stressed in your body. For example, pain that is on the side of the hip may be due to the involvement of your ITB (ischial tibial band). A deep ache near the groin region may be due to the involvement of your pubic bone or adductor muscles. This blog we will be looking more closely into lateral (side) hip pain. 

Gluteal tendinopathy is considered to be the main cause of localised lateral hip pain. You may have also heard the terms: gluteus medius tendinopathy or trochanteric bursitis. This is frequently a result of overuse of the major hip stabiliser muscle, gluteus medius. For example, when you walk, this muscle helps to stabilise and prevent the hips from excessive shifting or collapsing. We commonly see this in the clinic amongst women over the age of 40. 

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The most common symptoms people experience with a gluteal tendinopathy are pain triggered by walking, standing or lying in bed on that side. As a result, you may notice that you are not able to walk for a long amount of time, climb stairs or cope with walking up a hill. 

What should I do now?

Effective treatment of lateral hip pain should be managed by a Physiotherapist. Above all, we can help address your symptoms as well as identify the underlying cause of your hip pain. Delayed healing and further damage are associated with a longer rehab period.

Here are some exercises that you can start now to help with your lateral hip pain:

* Note: these exercises are to be done slowly and controlled*

Resisted Hip abduction

Squat with Resistance Band

Banded Glute bridge 

Are you’re experiencing hip pain and are not sure where to start? Speak to one of our Physio’s today on 99081949 or book your appointment below. 


(Please keep in mind, these are general guidelines for the majority of our patients. Therefore, it is important to consult with your doctor or physiotherapist first to make sure you have a plan tailored specifically for you).


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