What to Expect When You Visit Cremorne Physio

Welcome to Cremorne Physio! We are honoured and delighted that you have chosen us to look after you. Our team members all share one common goal ­– our commitment to helping you love the way you feel!

From the moment you book your first appointment until the day we wave goodbye, helping you achieve your treatment goals is our number one priority. To help you understand exactly what to expect, please read this so we can take you through the process.

Your First Appointment

We allocate a full hour for all initial appointments. Your physiotherapist will begin with a thorough assessment in one of our private consulting rooms. This allows us to establish the nature, severity and cause of your injury or pain. It also allows us to get to know YOU, the person behind the injury, so that we can establish the main reason for your visit and how the problem is impacting your life.

During your treatment, your physiotherapist will discuss a Treatment Plan with you. Treatment Plans are individually tailored to each patient’s needs. It will set out details of your injury/pain, your treatment goals, how often you will need to be seen and what you need to do between visits (advice, exercises, etc.) to stay on track towards a full recovery.

Whenever your Treatment Plan requires, and with your permission, we will consult with your GP/Specialist/Trainer/Coach to help you achieve your treatment goals. You are the most important member of this team and it is your responsibility is to stick to the Treatment Plan. We are always happy for you to call or email us any time between treatments to discuss your plan.

Once your initial treatment is complete and we’ve answered all your questions, your physiotherapist will show you to the front desk where our admin team will help schedule your next appointments and take care of business.

What to Bring to Your First Appointment

We make every effort to run on time. Please arrive 10 minutes early to fill in some forms and for us to show you around the clinic. Make yourself comfortable in our waiting room (we call it the Welcome Lounge), where we have comfy chairs, current magazines, filtered water and a mobile charging station. Oh, and relaxing music!

Your physio is most likely going to need easy access to the injured area. Please wear loose, comfortable clothing. If you forget, you can always borrow some that we keep handy for such situations. Please bring any scans and reports as well. While a referral is not required for physiotherapy appointments, if you have one, please bring it along. If you’re claiming from a third party (e.g. Workcover, CTP, DVA or Medicare) you will need to bring all relevant paperwork with you.

Don’t forget you Health Fund card for on-the-spot claiming.

Late Notice/Non-attendance Policy

If we happen to be running behind schedule, we will endeavour to let you know as early as possible via SMS. If you are running late, please call to let us know.

While keeping to your planned treatment schedule should be a priority in order to stay on track towards your treatment goals, we understand that things can and do happen that are beyond our control.

If you do need to reschedule an appointment, we do require 24 hours’ notice, or the full consultation fee will be charged. There are 2 reasons for this:

  1. We want to do our best for you, which means that you need to follow the Treatment Plan.
  2. You would potentially be depriving someone else of that appointment time.

Of course, we understand that emergencies do occur and you will find us to be very understanding in such circumstances. We never like to enforce this policy. We’d much rather see you striding towards a great treatment outcome, so please try to avoid changes to your treatment schedule.

If you absolutely have to change your appointment, it is essential that you call us on 9908 1949. Please do not email or text us about this matter.

We look forward to seeing you at Cremorne Physio so that we can help you love the way you feel.

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