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Patellofemoral pain is pain that is felt anywhere around or behind the kneecap. It can also be referred to as ‘Runner’s knee’ or ‘Patellofemoral syndrome’. It is a common knee complaint and accounts for around 1/6 of all patient visits to sports medicine clinics (Barton, Lack, Hemmings, Tufail, & Morrissey, 2015).

Patients will typically complain of pain which occurs:

  • Going up and down stairs
  • Squatting 
  • Running or jumping
  • Rising after sitting
  • When the kneecap itself is touched/poked

Patellofemoral pain is multifactorial, meaning there can be many different contributors to developing this issue (Barton et al., 2015) including:

  • Recent change in activity levels
  • Weakness or decreased control of muscles around the hip
  • Weakness or decreased control of muscles in the thigh
  • Foot rolling ‘in’ during walking or running
  • The structure of your knee
  • Poor bio-mechanics that cause the kneecap to move towards the outside of the knee under load
  • Other underlying health issues

The consensus from the latest research into treatment for patellofemoral pain advises using an approach that incorporates a number of different treatments that target your specific issues (Crossley et al., 2016).

Your physiotherapist may prescribe the following treatments based on their assessment of your particular needs:

  • Education about patellofemoral pain
  • Advice about how to manage and safely build up your activity levels including plans for return to sport
  • Exercises to increase muscle strength around the hip including gluteal (buttock) strengthening
  • Exercises to increase thigh muscle (quadriceps) strength
  • Taping to support the kneecap
  • Provision of orthotic supports for your feet
  • Hands-on therapy

Your Physiotherapist will also liaise with any health professionals currently giving you treatment and, where appropriate, refer you to other professionals as required.

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