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Pre and Post Operative Rehabilitation

So, you’ve had your surgery – we hope it went well! The bad news is that the easy part is over. The good news is that we are here to help and guide you through your post-op rehab to get you back doing the things you love.

What is “Post-Operative Rehabilitation”?

Quite simply, post-op rehab is a combination of “hands on” physiotherapy treatment and an exercise program required to restore you functional movement, strength, stability and endurance following your surgery. Surgery correct the anatomical (structural) problem but, if not properly rehabilitated, it is highly likely that you will be left with either weakness, stiffness, instability or a combination of these dysfunctions.

What can we do for you?

The physios at Cremorne Physio are all highly skilled and very experienced clinicians. We have guided many people just like you through their pot-op rehab programs with outstanding success. In fact, our record of success is so good, that we have become the “trusted” physios to a growing number of orthopaedic surgeons on the North Shore and Northern Beaches.

We work in close consultation with you, your family/carers, your surgeon, your GP and any other health professional involved in your care to ensure that you get the best possible outcome based on your individual needs and goals, whether it be work, sport or day to day activities.

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We listen to you!

We understand that each patient has very specific, individual needs and goals, whether it is learning to walk again, returning to work, running a marathon, or anything in between! We also understand that your injury, pain or dysfunction is standing between you and your desired lifestyle and adversely affecting your quality of life. That is the real reason why you are here! Everything we do at Cremorne Physio is aimed at helping you to achieve these goals, restore your quality of life and ultimately… love the way you feel.

What sets us apart?

  • Winner of the Local Business Awards
  • Open early until late weekdays plus open Saturdays
  • On-the-spot health fund claims
  • Personal, one-on-one treatments in private consulting rooms
  • Cutting edge technology such as Gaitscan and PhysiApp
  • The physio of choice trusted by families on the Lower North Shore since 2001

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How long will it take to make a full recovery?

Every person is different and, therefore, every surgery is different. We take every aspect of your individual situation into account and we work with you every tp of the way. We follow the specific rehab protocols that your surgeon prefers and we will keep you on track to make the best possible recovery in the shortest possible time. We like to measure your recovery and progress your rehab according to milestones, not just weeks or months.

There are a number of factors that will influence how long it will take to fully rocover. Some of these include:

  • Nature and severity of the injury
  • Complexity of the surgery
  • Medical and physical health
  • Age
  • Compliance with your post-op rehabilitation

Common surgeries needing post-operative rehabilitation

Spine (Neck & Back)
Laminectomy, Discectomy, Micro-discectomy, spinal fusion and stabilisation

Hip replacements and resurfacing, hip arthroscopy, hip labral repairs

ACL reconstruction, knee replacements, osteotomy, arthroscopy, meniscal repairs, lateral release, ligament repairs, chondroplasty, patella tendon transfer

Ankle & Foot
Achilles tendon repair, ligament repair, ankle reconstruction, arthroscopy, bunionectomy, spur removal

Shoulder reconstruction or stabilisation, Acromioplasty, decompression, Rotator cuff repair, capsulotomy, manipulation

Tennis or Golfers elbow release

Wrist & Hand
Carpal Tunnel release

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