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PhysiApp Exercise Programs

At Cremorne Physio we use the latest technologies in order to help our patients achieve the best outcome. Our physios are able to create personalised exercise programs using the brand new app called PhysiApp which lets you access your program on your phone, tablet or desktop computer. PhysiApp lets you complete your exercise program at home with easy to follow, narrated exercise videos complied by leading clinical experts. PhysiApp includes in-built reminders to keep you on track and motivated and tracks your progress, allowing your physio to provide better support. At the end of the day, exercises are only beneficial if they are done correctly! PhysiApp is completely free to download from Google Play and the App Store or can be accessed online via your browser.

PhysiApp features:

2400+ narrated exercise videos

  • Created by clinical experts and APA physiotherapists from around the world
  • Allows your physio to easily prescribe exercises and track your progress
  • Is completely FREE!

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We listen to you!

We understand that each patient has very specific, individual needs and goals, whether it is learning to walk again, returning to work, running a marathon, or anything in between! We also understand that your injury, pain or dysfunction is standing between you and your desired lifestyle and adversely affecting your quality of life. That is the real reason why you are here! Everything we do at Cremorne Physio is aimed at helping you to achieve these goals, restore your quality of life and ultimately… love the way you feel.

What sets us apart?

  • Winner of the Local Business Awards
  • Open early until late weekdays plus open Saturdays
  • On-the-spot health fund claims
  • Personal, one-on-one treatments in private consulting rooms
  • Cutting edge technology such as Gaitscan and PhysiApp
  • The physio of choice trusted by families on the Lower North Shore since 2001

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