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Can't get to your appointment?

Relax, we've got you covered!

During this time of constant change, we want to provide you with care and offer guidance for your health in the comfort of your home.

 Did you know that Cremorne Physio offers Online Physio Consultations? Online consulting is the most convenient, quick and simple way to get professional help and advice on all your physio needs. Our online consultations are perfect for follow up appointments when you can't make it to the clinic. For initial consults it is a great way to get an idea of what is going on and create a treatment & exercise plan.


Many of you would be familiar with PhysiApp providing appropriate exercises to complete and assist during your rehab. It has always been a great communication platform for our physios to stay in contact with their patients, whether this is whilst they are travelling or keeping up with their tailored exercise program. Click HERE to understand the call process

What do online consultations consist of?

This will entail a video face-to-face consultation with your physio. Although it is not a replacement of treatment or assessment in house, it can be very helpful during times like these to discuss how your condition has been going and being able to run through your exercise program together. 

How is this different to an on-site consultation?

As therapists we are very reliant on our hands to assess and feel what we think may be going on, we can't do this over video. However there's lots we can do! 

  • Help you understand your injury and how to get better
  • Discuss injury process & progress
  • Discuss postural or movement problems 
  • Answer any questions related to exercises 
  • Provide rehab and exercise programs 
  • Go through your exercise program together 
  • Keep you doing what you love!
  • Progress towards your goals

How do I book?

You can book in online here or give us a call on 9908 1949. When you chat to us on the phone, just mention video consultation and we will send you through all the information needed to get ready for your online consultation.  

How much does it cost & How do I pay?

At the moment we are unable to claim private health insurance for online consultations (this soon may change!). Due to this we are offering our online services at a discounted price of $75.  

We use Medipass for payments. They are a secure and encrypted payment platform. You will need to SIGN U​​P for an account with them prior to using our Online Physio service. HERE is a useful link on how to make your payments. 

If you feel that you require an in-person consult, please contact our team by email at