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Neck pain is the most common complaint seen in a physiotherapy clinic and is the number one ranked chronic condition worldwide. It affects 2.5 million Australians annually and, in many cases, can become a persistent and recurring issue.

Neck pain can occur as a result of many factors:

  • Weak, strained or fatigued muscles.
  • Postural issues.
  • Injury to the discs, joints, ligaments or nerves in the neck.
  • Whiplash from a motor vehicle accident.
  • Changes in the response of your nervous system.
  • Psychological and social factors such as stress, anxiety, depression and
    workplace/occupational issues.

In rare cases, neck pain may be a sign of a more serious medical condition. Physiotherapists are trained to screen for these issues. They can also provide advice about whether it is necessary to obtain a scan such as an X-ray or MRI of your neck. In the majority of cases, scans are not required and in fact there is a limited correlation between findings on scans and clinical symptoms in people with neck pain.

Fortunately, most neck pain is not serious and is mechanical in nature – that is, it is coming from the muscles, ligaments and other soft tissues.

Your physiotherapist will help to identify which issues are contributing to your neck pain and collaborate with you to design a tailored treatment program to address them. This may be through:

  • Advice to stay active.
  • Specific exercises.
  • Hands-on therapy.
  • Appropriate advice for changes in your workplace or home environment.
  • Liaising with other health professionals including your GP, Specialist, psychologist or personal trainer.

Your physiotherapist will also provide you with strategies to help you manage your own neck pain and prevent recurrence.

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