Massage Therapy for Sitting

If you haven’t heard it already, ‘Sitting is the new smoking’. Research has found that our sedentary lifestyle is very
bad for our health. In fact, it’s as bad as smoking. 

The sad truth is, most of us work in offices, which means we sit at a desk for around eight hours or more a day, glued to our phones and computers. Those with desk jobs commonly experience back pain as well as circulation and cardiovascular problems from sitting at a computer all day. Quite often, this results in chronic back, neck and shoulder pain. The simple truth is, your body is designed to move; sitting in a chair all day leads to poor posture and ill health because the body begins to activate more muscles to combat the fatigue created in the muscles used while seated. A slouched posture can even be putting unnecessary pressure and weight on our internal organs.

The good news? You can get relief. Massage therapy is a great way to relieve pain, improve posture and get you back on track. Massage therapy can help improve posture by promoting the correct shape for the spine and supporting structures.

Benefits of Massage Therapy for Office Workers

Massage therapy can:

  1. Improve our posture by stretching out and opening up the muscles in the upper body 
  2. Loosen tension in the muscles which are pulling the body out of alignment. Once this is fixed, your body will naturally begin to re-adapt a healthy posture. 
  3. Encourage your muscles to start moving again by softening and relaxing them.
  4. Reduce the number and severity of tension headaches by releasing the tension that builds up in these muscles.

Even if you don’t suffer from these conditions, you should consider massage therapy as a preventative measure. It’s got no harmful side effects and it’s relaxing to boot.

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