Back, Neck and Head

Acute nerve root pain and compression Arthritis Disc injury (“slipped disc”) Hypermobility Instability Lower back (Lumbar) pain Neck pain Osteoarthritis Postural imbalance Rib pain Sacroiliac joint disorder Spondylolisthesis Stress fractures Tension headache TMJ (Jaw) pain Upper Back (Thoracic) pain Whiplash Wry neck / Torticollis

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Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist and Hand

Acromioclavicular / AC joint injuries Adhesive capsulitis / Frozen Shoulder Arthritis Bursitis Dislocation Fractures Glenoid labrum tear Impingement Lateral elbow tendinopathy / tennis elbow Ligament sprains Medial elbow tendinopathy / golfer’s elbow Muscle tears Myofascial pain Nerve entrapments Rotator cuff tear Rotator cuff tendinopathy Shoulder dislocation Shoulder instability SLAP tear Stress fractures Tendinopathy Tendon ruptures [...]

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Pelvis, Hip and Knee

Adductor strain Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tear Arthritis Baker’s cyst Bursitis Buttock pain Compartment syndrome Gluteal tendon tears Groin pain Haematoma Hamstring injuries Hernia Hip and Knee Osteoarthritis Hip pain Hip replacement Iliotibial band friction syndrome / ITB Knee replacement Labral tear Lateral collateral ligament (LCL) injury Medial collateral ligament (MCL) injury Medial tibial stress [...]

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Foot and Ankle

Achilles tendon injuries Ankle sprain / Ligament injuries Arthritis Bursitis Calf injuries Fracture Hallux valgus / bunion Heel pain Impingement Lisfranc joint injuries Morton’s neuroma Over pronation / Instability Plantar fasciitis Sever’s disease Stress fractures Tarsal tunnel syndrome Tendinopathy

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