Are Cremorne Physio services covered by private health insurance?

Provided you have the appropriate level of health cover, you can claim back from your health fund for your consultation.

Do you have HICAPS at Cremorne Physio?

Yes, we do have HICAPS on-the-spot claiming.

Will I get a rebate for my physiotherapy consultation?

If you have private health insurance which covers physiotherapy, you will receive a rebate from your health fund. We can claim your rebates on the spot for you through HICAPS. To do so, we will need to swipe your health insurance card, so be sure to bring this with you to every consultation.

Can you tell me how much my health fund will give back?

Different funds provide different rebates. If you need to know what the rebate will be before your consultation, contact your health fund directly to find out from them.

Can I claim with Medicare?

Medicare does not offer rebates on physiotherapy and massage.

Can I get a rebate from my health fund on products such as clinically recommended braces or supports?

Although you may qualify for rebates on certain products with your health fund, our HICAPS facility can only process the treatment component of your claim. In this case, you would pay for the product(s) on the day and submit the receipt to your Health Fund to obtain any applicable rebate.

Can I get a rebate for my massage?

If your health fund extras cover remedial massage and you have not yet reached your limit, you will get a rebate for massage.

I have reached my limit; when can I use my card again for rebates?

Most health funds work on a calendar system with your new annual limit restarting on January 1st every year. Be sure to check with your health fund first, as some run on a financial year calendar.

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