5 Ways to Stay Active at the Office

We all know the drill – we need to take 10,000 steps each day to keep healthy. But, if you work in an office, chances are, you lead a sedentary lifestyle. Constant deadlines mean you’re often stuck at your desk for hours, hunched over your laptop, forgetting to take a lunch break and stretch those legs. Before you know it, it’s 6pm and you’ve got a stiff neck, pain in your shoulders and a back that’s killing you. Here are some simple ways to keep active through your work day at the office.

Take regular breaks

Instead of eating lunch at your desk (which is terrible for the cleanliness of your computer), get out of the office during your lunch break. Or volunteer to do the office coffee run. When you need to go to the toilet, walk to the ones that are furthest from your desk. Set an alarm to remind you to take a break and get moving. Even a 10-minute break in the fresh open air can do wonders. It will help clear your head, so you go back to work feeling more refreshed – not to mention the added benefits from the sunshine and fresh air. 

Ergonomic seating

Make sure the top of your laptop is in line with your eyes and your keyboard is just below the level of your elbows. If you can’t change the height of your computer screen, change the height of your desk or chair. If your workplace has adjustable Sit and Stand desks, use them. Standing uses more muscles and burns more calories than sitting and can be good for your back and posture. However, prolonged standing can lead to impeded blood flow and stasis in the veins in your legs, which can cause varicose veins. So, make sure you switch positions frequently throughout the day.

Find ways to walk during the day

Instead of booking a conference room for a meeting, having a meeting on the go (make sure to wear comfortable shoes!). Stand up when you’re on a telephone call or when you’re reading your emails. Take the fire exit instead of waiting for the lift. Join an exercise class that’s close to the office and do a workout during your lunch hour or after work. Better yet, find people in the office with similar fitness interests and do a group class or sign up for a fun run. 


Take the time to stretch. Try standing up every 30 minutes to stretch out your chest and extend your spine to reverse the hunched position of siting. Do a bit of deep breathing and some shoulder and neck rolls. This will help reduce back and neck pain as well as making your feel more energised.

Commute less, walk more

Stop using your car or public transport to get to work. Instead, think about cycling or walking to work, or at least getting offer a stop earlier and walking the rest of the way. Walking an extra 20 minutes a day can boost your heart health. 

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