5 Benefits of Physio Exercise Classes

Will Physio Exercise Classes benefit me?

Are they different to regular Pilates classes?

The answer is YES!

Group Physio exercise classes, previously known as clinical Pilates is a form of physical exercise taught by qualified Physiotherapists.

So, you are probably now asking yourself what is the difference between clinical Pilates/group physiotherapy exercise and regular Pilates. Basically, regular Pilates is taught by a Pilates instructor whereas our group sessions can only be conducted by trained Physiotherapists. Unlike regular Pilates, these group sessions will have up to six in each class so each attendee is adequately supervised.

As Physiotherapists we typically recommend that our clients commence our group sessions as part of their injury management in conjunction with Physiotherapy. We do this maximise your rehabilitation and to prevent long term injury. Depending on the stage of your injury, you may be eligible to join a class. For example, if you have had persistent lower back or neck pain.

So what should I expect to get out of my group exercise sessions? 

There are numerous benefits from participating in Group Physio Exercise Classes. Some of these include:

  1. Increased muscle strength, flexibility and coordination.  
  2. Improved posture, balance and core stability.
  3. Managing of current injuries and assisting rehabilitation. 
  4. Prevention of future injuries. 
  5. Improved overall body tone and fitness

If you are interested in joining one of our classes for your injury and/or overall health, it is essential to be assessed by one of our Physiotherapists to find a class tailored to you and your individual needs. 


(Please keep in mind, these are general guidelines for the majority of our patients but it is important to consult with your doctor or physiotherapist first and make sure you have a plan tailored specifically for you).

Do you want to join a Physio Exercise Class? Book an initial appointment with Cremorne Physio for an assessment with our Physiotherapists who will help you find a class tailored to your needs. Call us on 9908 1949 or book below. 

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